We provide training for financial modelling to our clients.

Learning –

  How to build and use a financial model for a project from debt perspective and understand the difference as well as additional requirements in models made from equity perspective
  About the best practices as well as pitfalls and challenges in building financial models including excel functions
  How to use the model to do sensitivity analysis using single variable and how to choose sensitivities
  Real life case studies including Greenfield and Stressed projects

Objective –

  Master the steps in building an accurate financial model through hands-on exercises
  Understand the constituents and complexities of a financial model
  Learn how to make basic macros and break circularities
  Learn the techniques of fundamental analysis using financial modelling
  Build basic knowledge of sensitivity analysis
  Understand the changes in approach while developing Greenfield & Stressed projects

Program Beneficiaries –

  Professionals responsible for project appraisal from banks and financial institutions
  Professionals from corporate finance/ projects division of corporates/ARCs/Special Situation Funds
  Financial Intermediaries involved in syndication of project finance
  Project finance consultants
  Debt Restructuring Firms

Level –

  Beginner to Intermediate

Time Duration –

  4 Days