India, the third largest carbon emitting economy of globe, has recently ratified Paris Climate Change Agreement. To demonstrate commitment to climate change issues, India has pledged to reduce energy intensity from 0.049 kg of CO2 equivalent per rupee of GDP to 0.024 by 2030.

Power sector is contributing ~40% of India’s carbon emissions. In anticipation of international pressure on climate change issues, GoI has come out with new environmental compliance norms for thermal power plants. Other energy industry process industries such as steel, cement, aluminium are also subject to such regulations.

Deesha Power has expertise for accessing feasibility and identifying appropriate technology and partner given the project realities. Further, Deesha Power has strong acumen for business implications and opportunities therein.

We could add value through –

  Feasibility Reports and Compliance Strategies for Process Industries
  Market assessment, Competition Mapping & Entry Strategy for Solution Providers
  Partner Selection